BOC Antamoivi


Experience your rewards, with Bank of Cyprus and the latest campaign for Antamivi scheme. SEMIO, ORB communications and the Director Christos kanakis, rejoining forces to create this sparkling new commercial.

Trust, motivation and a lot of creativity were put in this project from all sides, to come up with a crispy and shining new visual approach that stands out from the ordinary. This is what we aimed for, to create a commercial which needed to be different and at the same time required serious VFX and compositing. SEMIO presents a reliable and trustworthy partner, for ORB Communications and Bank of Cyprus once more.

A huge thanks to Nicoletta Charalambous for trusting us with such an important work and of course Bank of Cyprus for giving us the opportunity to "shine" once again. Christos Kanakis gave his all. But above all positive energy and talent, transformed this project into a great experience.

Once again, our own Connie Constantinou did the miracle VFX and compositing that gave the Ad its glamour look.

Production Company

Production Company: SEMIO PRODUCTIONS

Director: Christos Kanakis

Senior Executive Producer: Pavlos Neocleous

Director of Photography: Alexis Kanakis

Head of Production: Alexia Makrides

Line Producers: Imogen Polykarpou & Alexia Alexandrou

Art Director: Lisa Tsouloupas

Art Department Assistant: Joanna Syrimi

Costumes: Notis Panayiotou

Costume Department Assistant: Andrea Hadjinicola

Casting Director: Julia Constantinou

Music – Original Score: TED REGKLIS


Agency: ORB Communications 

VFX Creative

VFX Creative: SEMIO Post
Creative Director: Connie Constantinou

Executive Producer: Connie Constantinou


Senior Editor/Editorial: Tony Sorokos  

Editors: George Panteli

Edit Assist: Myria Adamou

Producer: Tony Sorokos



Colourist: Nikos Koronides


BOC Mobile Wallet


When the best team up, this is how they roll!

SEMIO was entrusted with a rock & roll script and was asked to deliver a totally fresh advertisement. A month later we are proud to present a TVC, that’s not just another commercial. We knew that we had to treat the script differently and give it an edge, approach it with a completely new fresh look that would present its audience with a current visual style. The decision was obvious. This was a project that required great passion, endless talent and above all a fresh young look! Our own Paris El-Said was the young talent that would perfectly fit the description and deliver exactly what we had in mind! Yes! “The brief was to create a commercial that sells. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t re-invent the wheel and have fun at the same time!”  Paris explained during the shooting of this fresh and full of energy commercial.

A lot of work, great passion and above all amazing energy was shared during the making of this commercial that’s not really a commercial. It’s rather a sample of what young talented people can do when they are entrusted with creative work. Thank you ORB communications and Bank of Cyprus for this great opportunity to make a tiny leap for commercial making and of course for trusting us with your important work.

Agency: ORB Communications

Client: Bank of Cyprus

Executive Producer: Pavlos Neocleous

Director: Paris El-Said

DoP: George Rahmatoulin

Production Design: Antreas Antoniou

Art Assistant: Nicole Zeniou

Styling Assistant: Andrea Hadjinicola

Casting Director: Julia Constantinou

Sound Design: George Panteli

Graphics & Compositing: Connie Constantinou

Color Grading: Connie Constantinou

Post-Production: SEMIO Post


Alphamega Image Campaign 2019


How Good? So good!

From Nicosia to Belgrade, SEMIO brought together the greatest producers and associates to create the new image campaign on behalf of our friends at Alphamega Hypermarkets.

The Alphamega image campaign for 2019 brings together the freshest “ingredients” to create a crispy sharp and appetizing production. SEMIO CY unit together with SEMIO Belgrade and Vanilla Films put a great team of talents together, to present to you this unique approach toward food and Alphamega. Directed by Petar Pasic and photographed by Vladan Jankovic, this “feel good” commercial is a tribute to all the elements that make your day happier and fills it up with energy. This series of Ads are brought to you by Alphamega Hypermarets, wishing it will get you “feelin’ good…” A BIG BIG thanks to our friends in Alphamega for trusting us with this. Happiness is here at last :)

Director: Petar Pasic

DoP: Vladan Jankovic

Executive Producers: Pavlos Neocleous & Stalo Karkaboulia

Producers: Alexia Makrides