The 4.5G force, powered by Semio… We are very proud to share the "force" of 4.5G with you and let you enjoy every bit of it. Cytamobile-Vodafone and Gnomi trusted us with the most powerful network on the island and we made sure every single pixel had its unique presentation on the screen. Runners in the lake, boats on the mountains, lasers and even death wheels. This project had it all. 5 days of shoot, full of talent and challenges that paid off. 45+ talented people from Greece, Slovenia, Belgium, Italy and Cyprus, 12+ locations around the island, 60+ actors and lots of planning made us want... more.

Thanks Cyta and GNOMI Thanks Kostas Maroudis. Thanks to a great team that rocks: Stalo Karkaboulia, Alexia Makrides Neocleous, Paris El-Said, Skafidis Konstantinos, Marilena Karkampoulia, Vanessa Hadjijoseph, Marinos Charalambous, Lisa Tsouloupas, Constantina Andreou, Panayiotis Christofi, Alexia Alexandrou, Julia Constantinou, Iakovos Gregoriou, Polyvios Symeonides, Nenad Todorovic, George Trillides (junior), Antonis Anthimiades, Agamemnon Zakos, George Trakoshis, Philios Sazeides, Joanna Syrimi, Federica Intelisano, Giorgia Benazzo, Yiorgos Vavanos, Ioannis Chalkiadakis, Ted Regklis, Constantinos Panayi and many more. Special thanks to SEMIO POST leaders that always save the day: Connie Constantinou, Tony Sorokos.