Alphamega Image Campaign 2019


How Good? So good!

From Nicosia to Belgrade, SEMIO brought together the greatest producers and associates to create the new image campaign on behalf of our friends at Alphamega Hypermarkets.

The Alphamega image campaign for 2019 brings together the freshest “ingredients” to create a crispy sharp and appetizing production. SEMIO CY unit together with SEMIO Belgrade and Vanilla Films put a great team of talents together, to present to you this unique approach toward food and Alphamega. Directed by Petar Pasic and photographed by Vladan Jankovic, this “feel good” commercial is a tribute to all the elements that make your day happier and fills it up with energy. This series of Ads are brought to you by Alphamega Hypermarets, wishing it will get you “feelin’ good…” A BIG BIG thanks to our friends in Alphamega for trusting us with this. Happiness is here at last :)

Director: Petar Pasic

DoP: Vladan Jankovic

Executive Producers: Pavlos Neocleous & Stalo Karkaboulia

Producers: Alexia Makrides