Exclusive Associates


Tassos Boulmetis - Director

Tassos Boulmetis studied Physics in the University of Athens and Film Production and Direction in the University of California. In 1990 he wrote, directed and co-produced the film "Dream Factory". The film obtained 8 awards in Greece and the Golden Award of Fantasy Movies in the Houston Film Festival. His second feature was the film "A Touch of Spice" which he wrote, directed and co-produced. The film became the biggest hit ever in Greece has been awarded with 8 Awards of excellency in Greece. Tassos teaches classes on Advanced Film Directing. He is the first unanimously elected president of the Hellenic Film Academy. 


Petar Pasic - Writer/Director

Petar Pasic has been directing and writing for television commercials, films, music videos and corporate films for the past 20 years. He has worked for numerous international clients, filmed all over the world and received numerous awards. He is a graduate of Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade and is member of Film artists association of Serbia.


Paris El-Said - Director

Paris is a filmmaker, a modern storyteller and a commercial director. As an artist he is impassioned by the creative process while his hard working and enthusiastic attitude, makes any challenge enjoyable. During his Bachelor’s degree in Film and Video Production and Master’s degree in Directing Digital Film and Television, he developed a unique cinematic style with a dynamic range from minimalist subjects to high energy visuals. Paris is a member of the Cyprus Director’s Guild, currently being the youngest director in the commercial industry. As a director who shoots and edits, Paris always strives to give his work heart, soul, and a sense of cinematic beauty.


Tijana Dimic Pasic - Producer

Tijana has graduated Film and TV production at Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade. She has been producing commercials, music videos and films, including numerous service productions for foreign production companies.


Vladan G. Janković - Cinematographer

Born 1972, Belgrade, Serbia, Vladan studied Film and TV Camera at Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade (FDU). He is based in Slovenia but works worldwide and has industry experience since 1993 with hundreds of commercials and music videos, 4 feature films and numerous TV works.  


Andreas Terlas - Art Director

Andreas graduated from UWE Bristol University with a degree in Time Based-Media. He is an innovative, competent and successful Chief-editor, PR manager and Interior consultant, with experience of managing writing staff, overseeing the layout and content of articles as well as successfully translating desired moods, concepts, and underdeveloped ideas into imagery. Andreas is responsible for the overall production of lifestyle magazines; Man and Must, Σπιτι & Ζωη, Ευκολα & Σπιτικα, Γαστρονομος where he produces editorial and photographic articles that are entertaining, informative and newsworthy.


Julia Constantinou - Casting Director

Julia completed her degree in Design and Art Direction at the Manchester Metropolitan University and her masters in Digital Arts at University of the Arts London. Julia prides herself on always exceeding customer expectations with her unique eye for talent. She founded CAST agency in 2014 and it has become one of the most highly respected and biggest agencies in Cyprus. CAST has been working closely with SEMIO, in Cyprus’ largest TV production company. Many of CAST’s models, actors and extras have taken part in TV commercials and promo videos produced by SEMIO.