There is no philosophy without the art of ignoring objections.
— Joseph De Maistre, Philosopher

Christos Karkaboulias, founder of the company, has been a visionary filmmaker, who devoted his life in reinterpreting the meaning of commercial production in Cyprus and paved a way of excellence in the local industry.

A nobleman, a philosopher, a director, a poet, a writer, a self-luminous personality. A person with many virtues, Christos was a “sui generis”. Absolutely free spirited, he couldn’t be confined within the social, historical and humanitarian global development. One could merely observe and admire his passion for creation and existential search for a bigger meaning. His legacy is still leading us into the modern era. He will be greatly missed!

In memory of Christos Karkaboulias.

(February 7 1954 – July 17 2016)

 Founder of SEMIO 1991