Pavlos Neocleous.jpg

Pavlos Neocleous – Executive Producer

In 2004, Pavlos joined the London Film School where he completed a 3 year MA in Film Making. During this period, he managed to expand his knowledge in cinematography and develop his skills as a DoP working primarily on short films and documentaries with all different film and video formats.  Having worked in London’s Soho for over a year he obtained valuable knowledge and extensive experience as a film and video compositor and has been exposed to all relative aspects of post-production (off-line edit, conforming, composting, SFX, colour correction). Pavlos is currently an Executive Producer and a member of SEMIO Productions Ltd Board of Directors. His expertise in Film and Digital Domain helped the company progress and eventually set up an international DI workflow that made SEMIO one of the first companies to enter the Digital era, globally.

Stalo Karkabulia.jpg

Stalo Karkaboulia – Executive Producer

Stalo studied business administration for 4 years in Philips College Nicosia where she was awarded a BA Hons in 1991. Her excellent performance in academic research led her to Reading University where she successfully completed an MA in International Business & Economic Integration. Her achievement in business management is immense as she controlled SEMIO Productions Ltd business development and marketing strategy since its founding in 1991. She was a founding member of the company and the person who designed a successful business strategy that established SEMIO Productions Ltd as one of the leading production and post production facility companies in the local market. Her skilful management led the company into a healthy economic growth thus preparing it for the next step.

Alexia Markides.jpg

Alexia Makrides – Executive Producer

Alexia studied Contemporary Media Practise at University of Westminster, London, with a specialisation in film production. During her studies she dealt extensively with both film and photography research, while continuing her passion for photography by capturing various themes such as nature, landscapes, portraits and shadows. Alexia returned to Cyprus in 1995 and worked as a Television producer for LTV and SIGMA until 2002, when she became the head of the new Audio-visual Department of the CA. In 2010, Alexia joined the SEMIO team as an Executive Producer dealing with complex productions and client service.

Tony Sorocos.jpg

Tony Sorokos – Senior Editor & Sound Designer

Tony pursued his studies at Intercollege Nicosia for 4 years completing the Media & Communications Bachelor. While in his second year of studies he was offered a part time job as a Lab Assistant at the Intercollege TV & Radio Unit by the head of the Communications Department. Alongside his studies and Lab Assistant job, Tony started working as a Part Time Production Assistant at SEMIO. Now Tony is the Senior Editor of SEMIO Productions and is responsible for every project the company produces. He is tasked with the Offline Edits, the Online Edits and the Complete Sound Design.

Connie Constantinou.jpg

Constantia Constantinou – Post Production Art Director

Constantia is a graduate of the European University of Cyprus, with a BA in Graphic Design and Advertising. Whilst studying she received many Honours and has represented her University in many competitions and festivals. One of them is the NEW/NOW festival where she was nominated amongst hundreds of applicants globally. She has taken part in various exhibitions, including group exhibitions and music festivals. Constantia was also one of the founders of Galapagos art group, a community compiled of various forms of art. Her responsibilities include art directing, idea generation, motion graphics, graphic design, broadcast design, colour grading, stop motion and compositing.

Dino Syrimis.jpg

Constantinos Syrimis – 3D Generalist & Character Animator

Constantinos completed his degree in Animation at the University of Wolverhampton. In 2009 he graduated from the University of Glamorgan with an MA in Animation. His short film “Arguing is a Nice Hobby” won the award for best animated short film in the CIFF ‘Bridges’ Festival. It was also screened at Cyprus International Film Festival in 2012, Scream Out Loud competition in 2010, Flatpack Festival 2010 . After working on various projects in the United Kingdom, Constantinos returned to Cyprus in 2012 and specialises in all aspects of 3D visualisation, graphics and character animation.

George Panteli.jpg

George Panteli - Editor

George graduated with a BA in Digital Communications and Mass Media with specialisation in Radio, TV and Digital Broadcasting and applied his talent through freelance work, by creating his own videos for university projects and working for TEDX and SIGMA. With his passion to gain knowledge, George immersed himself in the world of editing and developed skills in video editing and sound design.

Myria Adamou.jpg

Myria Adamou – Motion Graphics Artist

After graduating from Cyprus University of Technology with a BA in Multimedia and Graphics Arts, Myria embarked on her journey as a Digital Imaging Technician for the TV show ‘Paramithi n’arxinisei’. Before joining the SEMIO team, Myria developed her skills at Primexm as a motion graphics designer. Myria specialises in motion graphics, 2d animation, 3d animation, web design and character animation.

Margarita Vasileiou.jpg

Margarita Vasileiou – Administrator & Executive Secretary

Margarita studied Business Administration and Marketing for two years at Frederick Polytechnic University before completing one year at the University of Wales where she obtained a higher diploma in Business Administration with specialisation in Marketing. Her excellent personality and her outstanding communicational and coordination skills with customers and co-workers is a huge help for SEMIO. Her work is crucial to the company as she manages all the phone calls while clearly declaring the needs of the clients and informing accordingly the right department or colleague for the assignment that has to be done.

Alexia Alexandrou.jpg

Alexia Alexandrou – Production Assistant

Alexia graduated from University of Thessaloniki with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After returning to Cyprus, she pursued a career in Television working for Cyprus Broadcasting Channel in electronics and the set-up of equipment. In 2015, Alexia joined the SEMIO team as a Production Assistant.

Myro Papamichael.jpg

Myrofora Papamichael - Assistant to the Secretary

After completing her degree as a Speech Therapist at the European University of Cyprus, Myrofora worked as a runner on various productions including Sigma’s beauty pageant program. With her good communication skills and her friendly personality, Myrofora is training to become an administrator under Semio’s administrator and executive secretary.