IMAGO is a brand name of the services, offering hybrid solutions to businesses, corporations and organizations, that need to create video content in order to convey their identity and present their history, structure, products or services to obtain revenue and raise awareness, both in their field and the social media.

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.
— Bill Gates 1996

Since content is vital for creating and sustaining a corporate image, we have developed a workflow which effectively accommodates all businesses and makes it easy for the companies to proceed with the creation of a video ident, that presents their field and area of services.

A modular and dynamic presentation tool, which can potentially become the spearhead of any organisation in the process of communicating with their current and prospect clients, educate their personnel, obtain the much needed social virality and of course use it as a constant means of business development.

IMAGO is versatile, adaptable and flexible, depending on the client’s needs and their budget limit. Full scale filming on location, animation, motion graphics, explainers and infographics are all on the client’s disposal for creating a corporate video/ID.


The workflow designed is in 4 easy steps.



The client is requested to briefly answer 10 vital questions regarding the nature of the business and the core services or products they offer.



SEMIO will conduct an extensive research, regarding the organization.



SEMIO will revert in 7 Days with a hybrid proposal outline, which will eventually become the branded video content identity of the business.



After the client’s approval, SEMIO constructively proceeds to the production and preparation of the video content.


The services we provide within the SEMIO IMAGO

  • Briefing and research
  • Proposal outline
  • Copywriting
  • Voice casting & recording
  • Multi language translations
  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding
  • Production: filming, animation, motion graphics, titling, infographics, illustration etc)

Multiple versioning:

  • Different language voice read

  • Different language titles

  • Long versions

  • Cut versions

  • Social media deliverables: Website, YouTube, FB, Vimeo, Instagram etc.

The use of IMAGO:

  • Presentation of the company, Product, Service or a series of Products and Services.

  • Projection material on panels in showrooms and special shows.

  • Reinforcing the image of the company within the consciousness of the employees, shareholders and colleagues;

  • Training material for the staff, the dealers and colleagues or even the guests of a Company.

  • Material for the creation of websites.


Imago doesn’t only give you a complete Company Profile, but also a high standard audio-visual material for constant business development.