SEMIO has been in the forefront of film production in Cyprus, since 1991. In the years to follow, SEMIO managed to become the leading production company of the island with a vast variety of production services. The production team, armed with international experience and with deep knowledge of the industry, both in commercial making and of course filmmaking, has become the spearhead of the company.

The team has been devoted in persistently reconstructing conventional meaning, through the production of powerful, influential and inspiring images, that trigger our imagination and emotion. Having mastered the commercial production, SEMIO has been moving forward, quickly transforming its structure, offering services to cater the needs for the international clientele.


Our capabilities

  • Film and Commercial production
  • International Film/production servicing
  • Legal documents
  • Acquiring permits (locations, local governance)
  • Professional filming equipment rentals
  • Post production facilities
  • Motion GFX/Animation
  • Digital Intermediate

SEMIO has created multiple branded services and flooded, both the local and international industry with solution for the commercial world. SEMIO IMAGO, SEMIO Anim. and SEMIO Digital, are some of the tailored made solutions we offer to our clients, however big or small, in order to accommodate their needs for creating a corporate identity and help provide them with the necessary presentation tools to broaden their brand and services.